Watercolor Art By Elaine

Copyright ©, Elaine Henry Dawson, All Rights Reserved
Nuthatch With Baby
11x15Kitty #1
11x15Kitty #2
11x15Kitty #3
11x15Bluebird in the Snow
6x7Goldfinch and Sunflower
6x7Little Chickadee
6x7Little Hummer
6x7Little Wren In Winter
6x7Mr. Redbird in Winter Cold
6x7Enchanted Madam                matted size 20 x 27 1/2Apple Blossoms & Bluebird    matted size 24 x 30Red Breasted NuthatchWhite Breasted NuthatchThe Cheerie ChickadeesMrs Red BirdMr Red BirdMr Red HeadMonarch and Roses